Church in high school and their disrespectful basketball coach

So this morning October 25, 2022 I go to my daughters school Churchland high which is a very poor school they have metal detectors active duty police all types of things there that will let you know if the school is not great

When I walk into the building there’s the basketball coach as I look around there’s all types of security measures and it just seems very institutionalize looking he’s axing me five IDs driver license and stuff like that and I don’t have that so I’m not giving it to him he has an attitude about his job apparently I mean because who really wants to be a high school coach I mean they make you work the front desk so you’re not really a basketball coach he begin to say different things to me as I responded about how the school

Feels like y’all are expecting people to feel and he went on to tell me that he loves to feel safe with the metal detectors they out there for him I went on to tell him that you know metal detectors sterilize children and anybody that goes to them he starts to tell me how he didn’t care in all kinds of different things like that being very rude and disrespectful

All I wanted to do was figure out why my daughters bus is coming in late every day and I really didn’t even get any good information about that either the system is really jacked up in that area and the coach told me I needed to homeschool my daughter so I got it

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